SEO - Website Content, Keywords, and Structure

“SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engines unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.”

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Content & Structure

Website content and structure, these areas are significant to the search engines when it comes to ranking naturally or organically.



Keyword and keyword phrases are where it all begins.  Knowing what your keywords are and where your site is ranking among the competition is essential.


Building links can be extremely powerful.  Knowing how to build and direct them can make a substantial difference with search results.

Website Structure

Title tags, meta descriptions, URL structure, and site maps are some of the key areas that must be setup correctly for the search engines to find your site.  Doing so helps the search engines understand your website’s intention and ultimately helps your ranking.

                                  More about structure

Title and Meta Tags: These are the clickable data displayed in the search engine results and act as the descriptions to the audience.  They play an important role in the actual click-through rate and SEO.

URL structure:  Uniform Resource Locator is also known as perma links, is the information in the tail end of website URL address: is an example of a properly optimized URL structure.

Sitemap: An XML sitemap is a page and area to have all of your pages on your site listed with click through links.  Sitemaps help search engines crawl the pages of your website and find updated information quickly while helping with site indexing.

Keyword Planning and Strategy

Having the proper plan or keyword strategy in place is foundational.  Keyword audience engagement and customer desire are large factors when considering click through rates.  It comes down to researching keywords and your direct competitors.  Well planned keywords and keyword phrases is an area that should be considered and taken seriously when it comes to your websites success.


                                    Keyword Tracking and Position

Knowing where your website is within the search engines and if your site is rising or falling is essential.  Monitoring your well researched list of keywords and knowing where to direct your energy with your SEO can be a task easily managed with a Keyword tracking service.

Unique Content Creation

It is not a secret that the search engines reward websites that have original, quality, up-to-date, and relevant content.  Generating content consistently plays an important role with improving your overall websites search engine ranking.  Content creation and business blogs go hand in hand and are one of the best ways to generate large amounts of fresh content.

                               Benefits of new content

Simply stated, if approached and executed correctly content equals business growth.  The more relevant content that you effectively generate and direct towards your business the better.

Your Website, Links or “Linking” and the Search Engines

Search Engines like links.  They like links coming and going in all directions to and from your site.  These links have value, can carry authority, and can make a difference in your search engine rankings.



Link Building

Owning and operating your own business blog is one of the most effective ways of content generation with link building ability.  This approach can be tied in with your social media and can be a serious digital marketing force that search engines can’t ignore.

 Building links with blogs is one of many benefits of owning and operating your own business blog.

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