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Planning your keywords and keyword phrases is an area that should be researched thoroughly prior to your video optimization.

Channel Development

Your YouTube business channel is a direct representation of your brand and business.  A professional design can leave a lasting impression with your visitors.


Video planning, shooting, editing, testing, uploading, publishing, graphic overlays, thumbnail selection, and SEO optimization.

Research and Planning

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine used today right behind Google?  It’s true, the way people are searching online is shifting towards video answers and topics.  In many searches Google will recommend YouTube videos for a Google search.  It is important to thoroughly research how to structure the related information surrounding that video.


Research and Planning continued

Keywords: Since YouTube is actually a search engine, it is important to properly research your intended target keywords.  Every search begins with keywords or keyword phrases and proper research must be done to ensure the best possible results for your video.

Video Strategy: There are multiple ways to approach your video strategy and format.  Knowing and understanding your audience intention will assist you in planning your video, once again it comes down to research.

Critical Topics:  Your desired topic and overall direction of your video are areas of influence and need to be planned.  Are you going to be answering a specific question or are your videos going to have information with a storytelling influence?

Inspire Action: The goal here is to inform your audience and guide them to visit your primary website to become a potential customer.  Inspiring your audience to take action and motivating them should be the overall intention while giving them options.  Doing so gives the viewer a sense of ownership and can strengthen audience engagement.


Channel Development

A professional look and overall design for your YouTube channel is important.  Close attention to detail here can separate you from your competition.  A well designed page can leave a lasting impression with your visitors and potentially lead to converted sales.  It is important to note that your channel should be optimized in several key areas: channel specific keywords in the description, tags, links, etc.


                                 Channel development specifics

Channel Icon: This is the logo area of your YouTube channel page displayed under your channel art or banner.  Your channel icon will be viewed on both mobile and pc platforms.

Channel Art:  Your channel art also known as a header or banner is your largest piece of graphic design detail on your YouTube channel page.  Typically it will have your company or business name, services listed, contact information, and catchphrase layered and graphically designed into an image.  Links to your website and social media can and should be inserted in this area as well.

Channel Description: The YouTube channel description area is where you describe your channels intention and give viewers information on what what to expect and receive from your videos in written form.

Channel Trailer: Very similar in content to the channel description but in video form.  This is where you have a chance to welcome new viewers to your YouTube channel and inform them of what to expect.

Video Creation

After all the research is complete and your channel is developed it is now time for the actual video production.  We have several key areas to consider for the creation of your video listed below.  Also it is good to know where the video placement will be and if your video is going to be embedded on your primary website.

                                  More about Video Creation

Shooting: Being relaxed and confident are two important areas that can help your videos have solid play through performance.  Additional best practices are: create a distinctive style, select quality equipment, lighting placement, background selection, camera placement and shooting location.

Editing: In most cases your videos will require editing (cutting/trimming, brightening and enhancing).  Depending on your video style you may want to add music clips.

Video Optimization: Your video must be optimized correctly with your keywords, quality video description, tags, and links to receive the highest level of performance and results from your new video.

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