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Business Website Training was established in 2015. We have a rich history in business development centered around technology and online search engine optimization with a passion for website design. Our managers and leads have worked for large industry leading technical companies in the business development and training departments, excelling as top performers. Our team also has experience working for well established digital marketing, journalism, search engine optimization and website development companies.

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updated | Jun 14, 2019

What Is YouTube?

YouTube is a video sharing website and service that was launched in 2005 and was acquired by Google shortly after in 2006.  Videos that are posted can be viewed directly on YouTube, embedded in other individual websites, and shared on many of the social media platforms as well.  YouTube is used for a variety of applications ranging from entertainment to promoting business development and marketing.  Uploaded media is available and user friendly on most of the modern day devices ranging from televisions to smart watches and everything in between.  Most people enjoy a visual experience and YouTube has made watching and sharing their videos simple and easy for the user.  Clearly this is one of the main reasons why they are leading the industry with over 150 million hours viewed daily and over 2 billion users (2019).  One of the many features of YouTube is users can become involved and part of the overall experience with liking, commenting, and subscribing to videos and channels.

One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools Available for Online Business.

There are many different ways to approach business growth and marketing using YouTube, and that is why so many business owners and marketers today are maximizing their efforts to reach the largest possible online audience.  Several of the many proven techniques that online business owners are using to reach their intended target audience are videos created about: website promotion, service offerings, tutorials, how-to, unboxing and product reviews.  These online marketing strategies can be layered and used together to promote the brand and services offered through media.  Entire businesses can be and are built on the foundation of YouTube.  Consumers find it easy to search for and navigate YouTube to find the information that they are looking for while being engaged and in many cases entertained.  It is no secret that video marketing is responsible for converted sales and business growth at high rates.

Search Engines and How They Work with YouTube.

The Major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) goal is to find the most relevant information online for your intended search.  In many cases YouTube videos are at the top of the list for search results.  These videos are optimized for the search engine to rank them among the millions of competing websites for specific keywords or keyword phrases.  The search engines are continually improving their efforts to deliver the most relevant results for your search.

Did you know?  YouTube is actually a search engine as well, with an extensive video library of over 7 billion videos and counting.  YouTube is the second largest search engine used online today. (Google is number one)

Video Optimization

Rule #1 – Do not forget to optimize your videos.  Just as website pages have to be optimized for the search engines to rank them naturally or organically (without paid advertising) so do YouTube videos.  These searches can be very competitive and require detailed optimization in several key areas.

Video title and description are at the forefront for optimizing your videos.  Keywords play a big part in these two all-important areas.  Proper keyword research should be done prior to configuring your title and descriptions.   Knowing the audience intention is important information that will help you configure your regular and long tailed keywords.

Other areas of optimization include: linking from your social channels to your video, adding tags that include your keywords and keyword phrases, and adding closed captions to reach a larger global audience – lets not overlook the hearing impaired and the fact that YouTube is worldwide.  Adding your videos to playlists is another form of optimization as well.

Who is Doing this Effectively?

All groups of people are successfully marketing and growing their online presence and business with YouTube.  Many people think that they can not do it but the fact is yes you can.  We can accomplish almost anything that we put our mind to.  There is not just one category or group of people that make it and are successful with YouTube.  The audience is larger now than ever before and the numbers consistently keep growing.  Don’t talk yourselves out of developing an online business with YouTube because you have never done it before.  Actually there is a video for that.  All joking aside, almost anybody can do this.

Generating More Traffic to Your Site

There is a multitude of ways that you can drive and generate additional traffic to your primary business website with YouTube.  One example is while educating or informing your audience in your video simply tell them and state who you are and what company you are with, then give the viewers your website address.  With quality video content your viewers are likely to be impressed and visit your website.

Having multimedia embedded within your website enhances your web page and in most cases improving your overall natural or organic rankings which can lead to increased traffic on your site.

Posting and sharing your videos on several different platforms such as your business blog and social media are great ways to create links and potentially drive more traffic to your site.

All of these methods are proven to generate more traffic.  Let’s not forget that YouTube videos can build upon themselves, meaning the more videos that you have online the more potential gain in traffic for your website.  It can be as simple as that.

Personalizing Your Business

Depending on your business platform personalizing your business can be a difficult task.  We all know that it’s a general rule of thumb that people like to know who they are doing business with.  Videos are a huge breakthrough in this area.  Be yourself and let your personality shine through.  Your viewers are sure to learn from you and understand that you are a professional within your industry.  This process can lead to establishing you as a true authority within your field.

Building trust and establishing your brand online takes time.  YouTube videos can speed this process up dramatically and can be foundational in the overall success of your website sales and growth.

Having a responsive professional website that clearly directs your potential clients to desired information quickly is also critical when it comes to conversion.

We all know what happens when people trust a business.  In many cases they purchase now, and with an exceptional experience these customers are likely to purchase from you again.


Customer Interaction

YouTube allows a multitude of ways for your viewers to interact and engage with you and you with your viewers.  Subscribe: Viewers can choose to subscribe to your channel.  New videos that you publish will be placed in their subscription’s video feed as recommended videos for them to watch.  Like / dislike videos:  Your viewers can click on the thumbs up or thumbs down for every video indicating if they like or dislike the video.  Commenting: Every individual watching your video can leave comments about your content and you can respond to their comments.  This is great way to interact with your community.  Many times viewers will ask questions.  In my opinion and this is one of the best areas to earn their trust and credibility.  Responding to your viewers questions and suggestions through comments often leave big opportunities for new videos and showing your viewers that you care and are responding to them.  Share: Your videos and YouTube channel can be shared via social networking platforms.  YouTube makes this very convenient and easy for your audience, they can share your content with their friends or groups by clicking the share button under your video on the YouTube browser.


Viewer Attention

With so much information available at our fingertips, promptly capturing and retaining the attention of potential clients is at an all time high for importance. It is so easy for them to simply click the back button and make another selection (and when they leave, they typically do not come back).

While written content has and will continue to have its place, video is at the forefront for capturing and retaining viewer attention.  It is no secret that people are visual and what is more visual than a well done video?

A well planned introduction and initial video roll out (explainer) is of the utmost importance for gaining viewer attention.  Your intro should be roughly 30-60 seconds in length and include a brief description of your companies services or offerings and why they should choose you.  Be enthusiastic and let your passion shine.

You are going to either win or lose your viewer attention in the early part of your introduction/explainer so be certain to hit your major points clearly and early.

Supported Devices

YouTube is able to be viewed and streamed on devices including: desktop/laptop computers using a browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.), smartphones of all kinds (Android, Apple, etc.), portable tablets (iPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, Kindle, Samsung Galaxy, etc.) and smart TVs.  Smart TVs with the YouTube app built into the software make it very easy to view, and older television sets can play videos with the use of a streaming device such as Google Chromecast or Roku, even devices as small as the new Apple Smart Watch have the ability to receive and view videos.  With all of the supported platforms and the continued consistent growth of YouTube your potential audience is larger than its ever been.

Global Audience

Did you know that over half of the YouTube views come from outside the United States?  YouTube has launched local versions in more than 91 countries and can be navigated in a total of 80 different languages.

Based on your services offered (e.g., if you are a plumber looking to build your business locally for in-home services) it does not make sense to reach out to a global market or audience.  If you are selling goods from your website and using drop shipping services that can ship internationally, or building your YouTube channel to generate income, then yes it makes sense to optimize your videos from the beginning for the global marketplace.

Global audience optimization should include: 1) supported translated captions (their chosen language in written words on the screen just like the movies), 2) optimize and translate your video titles and meta descriptions in the chosen languages, 3) be thorough when it comes to translation; translate as much content as possible (e.g. don’t forget to translate your channels overall description and details).  Also consider including your international viewers in your contests and giveaways to keep them involved and engaged.

Video Styles – Types

We have several examples below of video styles or types, please note there are many styles of videos used online today and these are a few of the common popular types.

On Camera – Traditional

This style is typically what you see on YouTube and is the most common.  It is a great all around style that users are comfortable with.   There are so many uses for this style ranging from typical open box reviews to cooking tips.

ScreenCast with Mic

This Style is when the video creator records the screen or monitor of their computer or device (game console, etc.) and will generally do a voice over with a microphone explaining or teaching about the topic at hand.

Live Streaming

Streaming video live is becoming a very popular way for channels to interact and engage with their audience.  Live streaming can be done quickly and easily with a smartphone or tablet and the YouTube app.

Embedding Videos on Websites

Videos can add visual appeal and character to almost any website by bringing it to life.  These videos can add credibility and build trust quickly which leads to converted sales.  In addition, quality video marketing can help your website rank naturally or organically higher within the search engines.  Google, Bing, and Yahoo will reward websites that have multimedia (videos and photos) and unique content and in most cases these search engines like to see fresh content being added and changes to your site.  Most web design companies can add videos to any of your webpages if your website is up to date and current.  Older sites may not have the ability to have video and may need to be rebuilt with the current web design software.

Email Campaigns

Many consumers love videos and we all know that they can be entertaining, engaging, fun, and informative.  Adding a video to your email marketing campaign can be a difference maker, the numbers are awesome with the click through rate increasing up to 50% and open rates increasing at 19% with an added video.  The highest percentage of click through rates come from videos that have an image overlay that is enticing and draws them into clicking it (click here for an example).

Keep in mind that embedding videos in emails is a fairly new practice and there can be obstacles that present themselves.  For example Gmail from Google is 100% compatible to work with videos and can be viewed directly in the email while some of the other email platforms are not currently able to support video viewing.  In time we believe that most mainstream email providers will be able to handle and play videos.  Don’t let this discourage your email marketing with video efforts because it can be very rewarding it just requires more initial legwork.

Business Blogs and Videos

Business Blogs are proven marketing platforms and are quality content generators.  Videos can be placed within the content to give your viewers a visual experience.  The blog posts today that are consistently ranking higher within the search engines naturally or organically (not paid ads) are typically content rich  being at 1500 plus words – the more more the better without compromising quality.  Blog posts should also have pictures and diagrams strategically placed throughout to keep the user engaged.  Search engines love blog posts when they are done correctly.  Remember to always stay focused on creating the best possible content and video content for the topic at hand.  Quality counts and the search engines will reward you for it.

Social Sharing

YouTube videos and your social media collaborations can be great ways to introduce and promote your new videos as you release them.  Your videos can be shared on many social media platforms including: Twitter, Tumbler, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Several different methods and strategies can be utilized here from your perspective.  For example you can post your video on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, then on Twitter inform your friends and followers that you have just posted a new video and give a brief overview or description of your latest release.

Viewers are able to share your videos with their social networks easily.  It is common for a video creator to ask the viewing audience to share the video with their friends.  In many cases it is as simple as saying “if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up, share it with your friends, and don’t forget to subscribe.”  When your video is shared on many different social networks within different groups it increases the videos ranking status and that can equal many more views.

Linking and Backlinks

Links or backlinks to and from your primary business website can be created using your YouTube videos.  These links can help drive new traffic to your site as well as help you rank higher within the search engines.

The video description area is where you can add as many links as you like.  Just like any good SEO campaign, make sure it flows and makes sense to the viewer or reader.  This area should include a well written brief description of your video and clickable links to your content and website.  Once again do not overdue it here with links but be sure to include them tastefully.

Streaming Live

You can now reach your audience in real time with YouTube live streaming.  Many companies are incorporating live streaming into their online video marketing strategy plans.  This is a great opportunity to connect and engage with your customers by doing live question and answer sessions.  These live streams can be very social, engaging, and interactive with your audience.

It is easy to get side tracked and off the main point during your live stream and that is why we recommend that you thoroughly pre-plan.  Stick to that plan as much as possible because you are live meaning no editing or changes.  It’s once and done scenario.


Collaborations with other channels within the same category or niche is a good way to team up and generate more views and subscribers that will follow your channel.  Teaming up with a similar channel can be approached in a large or small fashion.  Completed together in video or shot separately with video clips, either way it can be very good for your channel and business.

Collaborations are more than the latest fad, they are a solid proven way to grow and build your audience and can work very well if approached correctly.  Some important guidelines and considerations should be: Stick to a similar category or niche with like minded video creators.  Ethics and Values: This area is very important, getting together with people who have similar values and morals is foundation here.  Lets say that you have a family friendly channel, you definitely do not want to offend your viewers or subscribers by getting together and partnering with someone who may be pushing the family friendly boundaries with their personality and content.

Going Viral

What is going viral?  A video that has gone viral means that it has become immensely popular and shared on social media, followed, emailed, bookmarked and spread throughout the internet quickly.  In many cases it is a complete surprise and catches the channel operator off guard.

To have a chance at going viral with your video it must be close to perfect in every area, leaving nothing out.  It’s all about the details such as great video content, headline and description written flawlessly and good timing.  Be patient and do not expect that your video is going to be the next big thing online and you might just be surprised.

ROI – Video Investment

YouTube videos can be a investment if you have them made and edited for your business.  Depending on the scope and details of the work being done the video investment can range from low to very high.

At the end of the day you have to crunch the numbers and determine how fast you would like to grow your business and how much money to initially invest.  Having a plan in place for continued video marketing is a solid strategy for gaining sales and developing your overall online presence.  Having the right video in place on your website, social media, and blogs can be a real difference maker for your marketing efforts.

Many of the successful online businesses today that have and continue to invest in video feel that video marketing has the highest return on investment.

Several Ways to Make Money

There is more than one way to earn income from video marketing on YouTube. Obviously driving more traffic to your primary website where you sell goods or services is an income producer. Additional you can apply to become a YPP (YouTube Partner Program member).  To do so you must be in good standing by having 4000+ hours of valid play time and 1000+ subscribers.  After this approval process you can start making money from the views of your videos from YouTube. Many channels will sell merchandise (T shirts, coffee cups, hats, etc.) that is geared around their channel’s brand and identity. Affiliate linking and marketing is yet another avenue many take.  It can be a simple as placing affiliate links in the description below and mentioning it during the video. The ways to bring in additional income from YouTube are almost endless, we have listed only a few of the popular ones.  Many savvy online marketers take advantage and combine several of the income producing opportunities to maximize their potential income gains.


YouTube Services Offered

At Business Website Training we offer many online marketing services for business development and growth including video marketing.  Our team can plan, shoot, edit, and manage all of your video marketing efforts for your business.  We would be happy to speak with you about your company goals and create a marketing plan that will expand your online presence in new and powerful ways.  Additionally we also offer free training for SEO and video marketing.  This is where we will show and teach you how the search engine ranks websites and go over the major areas that are commonly overlooked.  Call or email us to schedule your free website training or to talk about possible marketing services for your business.  Business Website Training offers a full suite of online business development services including: Mobile friendly responsive Website Design and Development – Search Engine Optimization – Keyword Planning and Tracking – Business Blog Design and Management – Content Creation – Website Structure Enhancement – Social Media Design/Redesign.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have.


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